Wisconsin Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Wisconsin State classifies drivers whose license has been suspended or revoked as high risk drivers. In order to reinstate their license, high risk drivers who do not own a vehicle must purchase Wisconsin non owner SR22 insurance.
What is Wisconsin Non Owner SR22 Insurance? An SR22 non owner policy is not written to cover a specific vehicle, since the policyholder does not own vehicle. It covers non owned vehicles that the individual may borrow to drive on an occasional basis. Wisconsin non owner SR22 insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility that the driver purchases from an insurance company licensed to operate in Wisconsin. The insurance provider files the SR22 non owner certificate with the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), allowing the individual to have their license reinstated. For a period of three to five years after license reinstatement, the individual must continue carrying the policy without interruption. During this time the insurance company monitors the policy to ensure it remains in force. If the policyholder allows it to lapse, expire or to be cancelled, the insurance provider is required to notify Wisconsin DMV by filing an SR26 form, and this will result in loss of driving privileges once again.
How Does Wisconsin Non Owner SR22 Insurance Work? Wisconsin SR22 non owner insurance offers liability only coverage when the policyholder drives a vehicle owned by another person. The non owner SR22 policy is secondary to the vehicle owner’s auto insurance policy. If the SR22 non owner policyholder is involved in an accident for which he/she is at fault, the vehicle owner’s primary insurance covers claims related to the accident up to its coverage limits. If there are any claim amounts that exceed the primary insurance coverage limits, the SR22 non owner policy covers them.
Limitations of Wisconsin Non Owner SR22 Insurance

  • It covers only vehicles not owned by the policyholder that may be driven on an occasional basis
  • It is liability only insurance; comprehensive or collision coverage cannot be added
  • It does not cover household vehicles
  • It does not cover rental or commercial vehicles

How Long Do I Need To Maintain Wisconsin Non Owner SR22 Insurance? Wisconsin typically requires drivers to carry SR22 insurance without lapse, expiration or cancellation for three to five years. If a driver registers a vehicle in their name during the time they are required to carry SR22 insurance, they will need to switch to a Wisconsin SR22 owner policy.
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