Washington Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Washington Non Owner SR22 Insurance

The State of Washington requires certain “high-risk” drivers, e.g., those who have had their driver’s licenses suspended due to DUI/DWI, to carry SR22 insurance. These drivers must file an SR22 form with the Washington State Department of Licensing as a condition of driver’s license reinstatement.

This SR22 form (also known as a “Proof of Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate”) serves as a guarantee from an insurance company to the State that a driver has insurance and will stay insured. If a driver fails to maintain his or her SR22 policy, the SR22 dictates that the insurance company must notify the State.

If one does not own or have regular access to a vehicle, then he or she will need to purchase non-owner SR22 insurance. In this case, the insurance company would provide a “non-owner SR22 form.”

When Does Washington State Require SR22 Non Owner Insurance? A number of motor vehicle violations and other situations can cost a driver their license and result in the state requiring SR22 non owner coverage:

  • Accumulation of too many tickets
  • Driving without being insured
  • Uninsured accidents
  • DUI or DWI convictions
  • Refusing to consent to a breath or blood alcohol test
  • Child support or neglect cases
  • Legal judgments