SR22 Insurance in Arkansas


It is against the law in the State of Arkansas to operate an automobile or motorcycle without mandated insurance coverage, or for a vehicle owner to allow another person to drive their vehicle without that vehicle being properly insured.  This is referred to as mandatory liability insurance coverage or compulsory insurance coverage. When a law enforcement official makes a traffic stop or is on the scene of an accident where property damage or personal injury/death occurs, they will ask for proof of insurance.  If the driver(s) cannot provide a valid insurance card, or the insured’s policy has lapsed or not been renewed, the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles will suspend the driver’s license until they can prove insurance coverage is in effect. To regain driving privileges, a driver must produce proof of financial responsibility by purchasing an Arkansas SR22 insurancepolicy.  This policy is a guarantee to the State of Arkansas by the driver’s insurance provider that the driver is covered by the minimum liability insurance required for a specified period of time.

When does Arkansas Require an SR22?
If any of the following offenses or circumstances occur, you will be required by the State of Arkansas to provide an SR22 certificate of financial responsibility in order to reinstate your license:

  • Responsibility suspensions (driving while uninsured)
  • Legal judgments
  • License revocations (driving without a license)
  • High risk drivers (multiple traffic violations, speeding violations, reckless driving, DUI/DWI, refusal to test for DUI/DWI)

Types of SR22 Insurance
An SR22 owner certificate covers financial responsibility for vehicle(s) owned by a driver. It can also be written and issued with collision and comprehensive coverage.  Full coverage, uninsured motorist, medical payments, towing and rental car payments may also be covered with additional premiums. An SR22 non owner certificate covers financial responsibility when a driver does not own a vehicle, but may drive another person’s vehicle on occasion.

SR22 Filing Process and Information
The individual requiring an SR22 policy contacts a licensed insurance company authorized to operate in the State of Arkansas, and pays a processing fee (the amount of the fee can vary) to the agency for them to submit an SR22 filing to the Arkansas State Department of Motor Vehicles. On the applicant’s behalf, the agency will file the form electronically with the State DMV as well as with the State of Arkansas. The insured will be given a copy of the SR22 insurance form, policy and proof of insurance card.  If the policyholder fails to provide proof of this insurance when required, suspension of a driver’s license will result.
The SR22 must be maintained for a minimum period of three years for first-time offenses.  If the driver incurs no additional violations during this time, they may not have to continue carrying this insurance thereafter.  If another offense occurs within the initial three year period, the driver will be required to keep the policy in effect for as long as five years, and the time period increases with each additional offense.
THE SR22 INSURANCE MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO LAPSE.  It is important to keep the policy in effect, and to renew it in advance. The insurance company monitors the policy closely, and if it is allowed to lapse, be cancelled or is not renewed before the expiration date, the insuring agency will notify the Arkansas DMV.  The State may then suspend their driving privileges until the SR22 insurance is reinstated, and additional reinstatement fees and/ penalties may be assessed.
NOTE: If the insured moves to another state, the requirements of the new state of residence will still apply. Be sure to contact your insurance provider for instructions before you move.