SR22 Insurance in Ohio

SR22 Insurance in Ohio

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Ohio

In Ohio driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is unlawful if over a certain blood alcohol content (BAC). The following are limits set by law depending on the type of driver:

All Drivers – BAC LIMIT = 0.08%

Minor Drivers (under age 21) – BAC LIMIT = 0.02%

Commercial Drivers – BAC LIMIT = 0.04%

Implied Consent Law in Ohio

If you refuse to submit a chemical test in Ohio these are the following penalties:

  • First Refusal of Test – Drivers license suspension for 1 year
  • Second Refusal of Test – Drivers license suspension for 2 years
  • Third Refusal of Test – Drivers license suspension for 3 years
  • Fourth Refusal of Test – Drivers license suspension for 5 years

Drunk driving cases in Ohio are often referred to as Ohio OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated), Ohio OMVI (operating a motor vehicle while under the influence or intoxicated), and Ohio DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol).

Ohio IID (Ignition Interlock Program)

Some drivers will need to install an ignition interlock device to adhere to Ohio state law. These drivers have been convicted of a DUI or other alcohol     related driving offense. This device is installed in each vehicle that the driver operates and must be from a certified installation center.

Here are some approved installation centers:

LifeSafer Interlock


Do not remove the installed device prior to your suspension period as it will require you to start the suspension over again.

How Long Will I Need to Maintain SR22 Insurance? That will depend on the circumstances involved for each individual.  Typically, the Ohio will require drivers who must to carry SR22 insurance to maintain it for three years.

Why Does Ohio State Mandate SR22 Insurance? An example of circumstances in which the state will require an individual to file an SR22 certificate include:

  • DUI offense
  • Excessive points against a driver’s record
  • Reckless driving
  • Refusal to consent to a DUI test
  • Uninsured accidents
  • Driving an uninsured vehicle
  • Child support issues
  • Legal judgments

What Types of SR22 Insurance Policies are Available? Depending on the circumstances, there are two types of Ohio SR22 insurance policies for individuals seeking driver’s license reinstatement. Ohio SR22 owner or owner-operator insurance is for drivers who own a vehicle, and it can be purchased with liability only or full coverage. Ohio non owner SR22 insurance is for drivers who do not own a vehicle.  See our Ohio Non Owner SR22 Insurance page for more information.