Michigan SR22 Insurance

Michigan SR22 Insurance

Michigan Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

Michigan has a No Fault Insurance law, which means the insurance company pays regardless of who is proved at fault. It not only decreases the need for litigation, but it also decreases the time taken to pay claims.

The Michigan SR22 coverage is:

$20,000 / $40,000 / $10,000

  • The $20,000 is the maximum amount per person paid for bodily injury (“BI”) injuries.
    The $40,000 is the total amount paid by the policy for ALL bodily injury to ALL persons. The first to file is the first to get paid.
    The $10,000 is the total amount paid for property damage (“PD”).

What is a Michigan SR22?

SR-22 (the “SR” stands for “safety responsibility”) is a document that verifies that someone has automobile insurance. The SR-22 is prepared by an insurance company and then filed (by the insurance company) with the department of motor vehicles (DMV).  The SR-22 is not an insurance policy. It is evidence that you have a policy.

Typically, an SR-22 is required when a driver seeks to reinstate a driver’s license after being convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, driving without insurance, or some other driving violation that’s resulted in a suspension. The SR-22 may be required whether you own a vehicle (owner SR-22) or not (non-owner SR-22). The SR-22 is usually required for a number of years – for example, five years following a DUI conviction. If the policy holder fails to pay the premiums, the SR-22 is cancelled and an SR-26 is filed with the DMV. When the DMV receives the SR-26, the policy holder’s license is suspended until a new SR-22 is filed.