Louisiana SR22 Insurance

Louisiana SR22 Insurance

Louisiana SR22

In Louisiana you may be required to file a proof of financial responsibility or otherwise known as Louisiana SR22 insurance. Some of the violations include:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Vehicular homicide

This Louisiana SR22 form is filed with the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles and is required for three years after your suspension period.

How much will my insurance increase due to a Louisiana SR22 filing?

The cost of your auto insurance is not going to increase just because of the SR22 form needed rather it will increase due to your driving history. The cost of the SR22 is only $20-$50 depending on the company but the insurance premium could be higher than before if you had a violation such as a DUI or DWI.

Which companies offer Louisiana SR22 Insurance?

Most auto insurance companies in Louisiana offer SR22 forms but be sure to shop around since rates can vary from company to company. Companies such as Allstate, State Farm, & Geico Insurance all offer SR-22 insurance at different rates. These are great companies but we shop multiple companies so you find the cheapest policy possible.

Don’t let your SR-22 policy cancel before the probation period ends!

If you cancel your SR-22 insurance policy or let it lapse prior to the end of your probationary   period the following will occur:

  • Driver’s license suspended again
  • Start SR22 probation period over
  • Increased insurance rates and state fees are likely

The best way to make sure you don’t let this happen is to either pay a few months in advance or setup an automatic withdrawal. This way you will not have to worry about your policy canceling.

Louisiana Liability Insurance Requirements

The state of Louisiana requires liability insurance to protect other drivers in the event of an accident. The minimum limits are:

    • $15k Per Person Bodily Injury
    • $30k Per Accident Bodily Injury
    • $25k Property Damage

While these limits are minimum they are rarely recommended levels of coverage. Ask your insurance agent what they recommend based on your financial position.

Louisiana SR22 Insurance, Cheap Louisiana SR22 Insurance

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Louisiana

Louisiana state law prohibits any driver from operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated from drugs and/or alcohol. Limits are set so officers can determine if the driver is breaking the law. The state limit for blood alcohol concentration are:

  • All drivers = .08%
  • Commercial drivers = .04%
  • Under age 21 drivers = .02%

Implied Consent Law

If you refuse to take the chemical test which determines your BAC or blood alcohol concentration your driver’s license will be suspended. This suspension is 180 days for the first refusal and 545 days for the second refusal.

Required to get an Ignition Interlock Device?

Louisiana does require certain drivers to install ignition interlock devices that must be installed by approved vendors. Here is a list of approved vendors:

  • Consumer Safety Technology, Inc (877) 777-5020
  • Draeger Interlock, Inc (972) 929-1100
  • Guardian Interlock (800) 849-5465
  • LifeSaver Interlock, Inc (800) 531-0006
  • Safe Start, LLC (888) 786-7384
  • Smart Start of Louisiana (800) 880-3394

In order to reinstate your driver’s license the state may require and IID to be installed on each vehicle you operate. The cost to install is your responsibility and the monthly rental cost is also up to you. Usually an IID is required for a 2nd and subsequent DUI/DWI conviction.