Kentucky Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Kentucky Non-Owner SR22

SR22 insurance is a high risk insurance that many states require of certain “problem drivers.” For example, many states require DUI offenders to carry SR22 insurance.

SR22 insurance requires the filing of forms with a State’s DMV or equivalent department, and provides the State with a way to keep an eye on these drivers.

If one does not own a vehicle, but does have an SR22 requirement, he or she will have to carry what is known as non-owner SR22 insurance.

Kentucky does not require SR22 insurance.

However, if you live in Kentucky (or have recently moved there), but you have gotten into trouble elsewhere, e.g., gotten a DUI in another state, you may well be required to carry SR22 insurance in the other state. And if you do not own a vehicle, then you would be required to file a non-owner SR22 insurance certificate. If this describes your situation, then you should consult with your lawyer, insurance company, and/or the DMV in the State that is asking for an SR22 filing.

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