SR22 Insurance in Iowa

SR22 Insurance in Iowa

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Iowa

In Iowa driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is unlawful if over a certain blood alcohol content (BAC). The following are limits set by law depending on the type of driver:

All Drivers – BAC LIMIT = 0.08%

Minor Drivers (under age 21) – BAC LIMIT = 0.01%

Commercial Drivers – BAC LIMIT = 0.04%

Implied Consent Law

If you refuse to submit a chemical test in Iowa your license will be suspended/revoked for the following timeframe:

First Refusal – 1 month suspension, 90 day waiting period for temporary license, must install an ignition interlock device

Second Refusal – 2 year suspension, 1 year waiting period for temporary license, must install an ignition interlock device

2010 Iowa DUI Laws

House File 2452 – Relating to Ignition Interlock Device, Effective July 1, 2010

Relates to driver’s license sanctions, including the issuance of temporary   restricted licenses and certain requirements relating to ignition interlock   devices, and provides a penalty. Any driver whose BAC is .10% or higher is required to install an ignition interlock device of a type   approved by the commissioner of public safety on all vehicles   owned or operated by the defendant if the defendant seeks a   temporary restricted license.

House File 2233 – Relating to expunging the conviction for certain   alcohol-related offenses, Effective July 1, 2010

Upon the expiration of two years following conviction   for a violation  a person may petition the   court to exonerate the person of expunge the conviction, and   if the person has had no other criminal convictions it will be expunged from record.

Required to get an Ignition Interlock Device?

In certain cases drivers will be required to obtain and use an IID or ignition interlock device. This device is an electronic breathalyzer that requires the driver to provide a breath sample before the vehicle will start. It will also randomly request additional samples while driving. If the breath sample exceeds the limits set by the machine it will not start the vehicle or continue to operate.

Usually drivers are responsible for the cost of the unit and installation but reference the Iowa Public Safety Department for rules and requirements.

Iowa Ignition Interlock Device Providers:

Guardian Interlock > 1-800-849-5465

Lifesafer Interlock > 1-800-369-3661

Draeger Interlock > 1-800-622-2526

CST Intoxalock > 1-877-777-5020

For a complete list of approved IID’s view the pdf at Iowa’s Commissioner of Public Safety site.


What Circumstances Result in the Requirement for SR22 Insurance? Besides operating a vehicle without proper insurance, some of the more common reasons for Iowa State requiring an SR22 include:

  • Refusal to take a breath or blood test
  • DUI or DWI offense
  • Child support or neglect cases
  • Legal judgment
  • Multiple driving offense
  • Uninsured vehicle accident

How Long Will I Have to Carry Iowa SR22 Insurance?  In the state of Iowa, driver’s are typically required to carry SR22 insurance for three to five years.