Cheap Indiana Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Cheap Indiana SR22 Insurance

What is an Indiana SR22?

An individual that has had their driving privileges revoked or suspended due to an automobile accident, judgement, or conviction will be required to carry Indiana SR22 Insurance. The certificate must be filed with the BMV and must include 25/50/10 liability limits (explained later).
An SR22 is a Financial Responsibility Certificate, which is a type of motor vehicle liability insurance. Many companies can provide an SR22, but few honestly want this type of driver. Therefore, you’ll want to contact an insurance broker that can shop the market, especially with those niche insurance carriers that you may not have heard about. While all Indiana SR22 policies must carry a regulated amount of liability insurance, the pricing can vary greatly.

What Coverage Must be Included on an Indiana SR22?

You must maintain the following liability coverage:
  1. $25,000 for bodily injury or death on a single individual.
  2. $50,000 for bodily injury or death on two or more persons in one accident.
  3. $10,000 for property damage or destruction.

Indiana Non Owner SR22 Insurance

The State of Indiana requires certain drivers (e.g., those convicted of OVWI or leaving the scene of an accident) to carry SR22 insurance.

If the BMV requires a person to carry SR22 insurance, and he or she does not own a vehicle, he or she will need to purchase an Indiana non-owner SR22 insurance policy.

A non-owner SR22 insurance policy is a liability only policy that protects other people if its carrier is involved in an accident. It does not protect the policy-holder or the vehicle he or she drives.

Indiana requires people to carry SR22 insurance for 3 years from the end of their drivers license suspension. If they fail to do so, their driver’s license will be suspended again.

Indiana Non-Owner SR22 Insurance and Ignition Interlock Law

In Indiana, the court may require those convicted of OVWI (DUI / drunk driving) to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle(s), if they are applying for a probationary license, or if they have had a prior OVWI conviction less than 5 years ago.

An ignition interlock can pose a problem for someone with a non-owner SR22 insurance certificate. You may not be able to get non-owner SR22 insurance if you need to own a vehicle in order to fulfill the ignition interlock requirement.