What is Broad Form SR-22 Insurance?

What is Broad Form SR22 insurance?

Broad form SR22 coverage provides liability coverage for you as a person.  Most auto insurance policies insure a specific vehicle, but Broad form named operator coverage provides insurance on a specific driver.  It satisfies your legal need for liability insurance to drive a car.  It can also provide uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to protect you.

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Is Broadform insurance right for me? 1  Do you own mulitiple vehicles that don’t need physical damage coverage? 2  Do you not own a vehicle but want to have insurance if you borrow someone else’s automobile? 3  Do you just need the state required liability insurance? 4  Do you need an SR22 filing but your current auto policy does not offer it? Click Here For Fast, Free Quotes!

Broadform Insurance DOES NOT provide physical damage coverage for your car. Broadform Insurance DOES NOT cover other people you give permission to drive your car.