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SR22A Insurance – Georgia, Texas, Missouri

SR22A Insurance – Georgia, Texas, Missouri

SR22a forms: Similar to an SR22; there are used in Georgia, Texas and Missouri. In Georgia & Texas these are certifications used for repeat violators of financial responsibility laws. SR22a in GA & TX must be paid in guaranteed funds and policies must be paid in full for a 6 month term. In Missouri, SR22a are used for policies where drivers on a policy are restricted to only driving certain cars.

SR22-A Owner and Non- Owner Insurance Information

Georgia requires those caught not carrying mandatory liability insurance to purchase Georgia SR22A insurance and to file an SR22A form. This is the “Georgia Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate.” It proves that you will be financially responsible in the event of a future accident. It is the same as the SR22 form used in other states, except that Georgia requires you to pay for your SR22A policy up front, which guarantees that you will remain insured for at least 6 months.

If you do not own a vehicle, you will need to purchase non-owner SR22A insurance. This is a liability policy that will cover other vehicles and drivers in the event of a future accident. It will not cover you or the vehicle you are driving. You will want to make sure that the vehicle you are driving is fully insured by its owner.

Unlike many states, Georgia does not require SR22 or SR22A insurance after a DUI. However, if you get a DUI in another state that does require an SR22 filing for a DUI, then you will likely need to purchase SR22 insurance to fulfill that state’s specific requirements.

Where to Buy Georgia, Texas & Missouri SR22A Insurance

You may be required to carry SR22A insurance for 6 months to 3 years, so it is important to find a price you can live with. While a non-owner SR22A policy may be cheaper than an owner’s policy, this still doesn’t mean it will be cheap. You can save yourself a lot of money by shopping with a broker who uses many insurance companies, like FR44 & SR22 Experts, LLC.

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Green Slips and Pink Slips – Georgia SR22A Insurance

An SR22 (sometimes called “pink slips”) and an SR22a (“green slips”) are known as Financial Responsibility Filings. They are simply a guarantee to the state of Georgia that you have insurance for at least six months, and that it can’t be cancelled for any reason during that period.

If your license has been suspended, the judge can require you to obtain a filing to get your license back, in addition to any fines or requiring Driver Improvement classes.

The SR22 is typically  for drivers with a DUI, a Habitual Violator, or someone with multiple suspensions. It is very uncommon to see an SR22 required in the state of Georgia these days.

The SR22a is by far the more common of the two, and is generally for drivers who have been caught driving without insurance or driving under a suspended license.  The SR22a policy must be paid in full for six months, and cannot be cancelled for any reason.  The court can require you to have it just once, for six months, but occasionally may try to throw the book at someone by requiring a particularly naughty driver to have the SR22a for three years, or six six-month policy terms.

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Because the insurance company cannot cancel the policy for any reason once the slips have been issued, most companies will not permit agents to issue the slips on the spot. They want to confirm the driving record and pull any additional reports before they will issue the slips, so they reserve the right to issue the slips from the home office.

Our office can issue green slips immediately. We can mail them directly to the DMV but it sometimes takes weeks for the DMV to match them up to your driver’s license. Or, you may choose to go to the DMV and let us fax them to you there or take your copy down to the DMV to get your license back. This is by far the fastest way, because they will release your license to you on the spot (provided you’ve met all their other requirements, of course!).

It is not necessary to own a vehicle in order to get an SR22 or SR22a filing. If you need your license back in order to keep a job, you may purchase a special “Non-Owners” policy.

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