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California SR22 Insurance Facts


An SR22 form is a document that helps the DMV and the state of California ensure that motorists are financially responsible for their driving. Certain drivers are deemed to be at risk because of past violations (as listed below) and are therefore required to file a California SR22 form with an insurance company. The auto insurance company will keep record of the SR22 as well as providing the motorist and the state DMV with a copy.

In the state of California there are three different types of SR22 forms:

  1. An Operator’s Policy Certificate which covers the financial responsibility in the case the motorist does not own a vehicle.
  2. An Owner’s Policy Certificate that covers the financial responsibility for vehicles owned by the motorist.
  3. A Broad Coverage Policy Certificate covers financial responsibility for all the vehicles that are owned or not owned by the motorist.


The SR-22 financial responsibility insurance form is required for specific drivers in California. The form(s) may be required for the following reasons:

  1. If you have any safety responsibility suspensions. For example, if you were an uninsured driver and were involved in an accident in the past but did not pay the requisite compensation.
  2. If you have any unsatisfied judgment suspensions. For example, if you, as a driver were involved in an accident in the past and then you had an unsatisfactory judgment entered against you.
  3. If you have a restricted license.
  4. If you have had your license revocated.
  5. For individuals convicted of DUI.

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  1. Contact a DMV- authorized auto insurance agency or broker to request for a California SR22 filing.
  2. Pay the correct processing fee to the agency. The fee amount may vary between agencies. You can request an insurance quote from our California auto insurance page and where we offer quotes from companies who will allow you to request an SR22 filing automatically. This can all be done online and will often allow you to save on auto insurance rates.
  3. As per the State laws of California, the minimum amount of coverage for one accident should be $15,000 for one person killed or injured, $30,000 for two or more persons killed or injured and $5,000 for property damage.
  4. Upon receiving the request from the agent the central office then sends the SR-22 directly to the DMV in about 30 days.
  5. If accepted, you will receive the SR22 from the agency along with a letter from the DMV.
  6. The SR22 has to be maintained for a minimum period of 36 months. If this is not done, the DMV may suspend the driving record of the motorist until the insurance is reinstated.


In case you move to another state, the requirements of your new state of residence will be applicable to you. Contact your insurance company for more information.


  • An amount of $35,000 in cash or as a surety bond may be deposited with the DMV in place of liability insurance.
  • DMV-approved self-insurance is also considered adequate proof of financial responsibility.

Colorado SR22 Insurance

If you are required to file an SR22 for the state of Colorado contact an insurance company or agent who is licensed to sell insurance in Colorado. You will be required to carry state minimum liability limits and continue the insurance policy for the duration of your specific court requirement.

Most insurance companies will electronically submit your SR22 to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. You can deliver the form in person to 1881 Pierce Street in Lakewood, Colorado.

Do not let the insurance policy lapse or cancel as the provider will notify the state and your license will be suspended again. The SR22 is an add-on to a standard auto insurance policy that guarantees the state will be notified of any change in status and is commonly referred to as a future financial responsibility filing. You can change insurance companies but be sure to get a new SR22 filed before the old one is cancelled.

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What violations require an SR-22 filing?

Below are a list of violations that may require you to file an SR22 with the department of motor vehicles. This is not an exhaustive list but includes the most common violations:

  • Failure to drive with proper liability insurance
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Refusal to take chemical BAC test
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Vehicular homicide or vehicular assault conviction

What if I cancel my SR-22 insurance prior to the end of my probation   period?

If you let your SR-22 insurance policy lapse or cancel it prior to the end of your probation period the insurance company will notify the state immediately. Once the state is notified your driver’s license will be suspended until you reinstate the SR22 and your probation period will start over. It is in your best interest to maintain the SR22 policy so you don’t pay any additional fees. For the lowest prices in the State of Colorado, call 1-855-678-6977 or access our FREE Quoting Engine!