Missouri Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Missouri Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Missouri State strictly enforces its motor vehicle laws, and drivers who do not abide by them can face severe consequences. As in all states, Missouri drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of auto liability insurance. Drivers who do not carry the proper amount of insurance coverage face consequences including fines and driver’s license suspension/revocation. When a driver’s license is suspended or revoked, a Missouri SR22 insurance certificate will be required by the state for it to be reinstated.
What is Missouri Non Owner SR22 Insurance? If a Missouri driver wants to reinstate driving privileges and does not own a vehicle, they can purchase Missouri non owner SR22 insurance. A non owner SR22 certificate is a liability only insurance policy – it cannot be purchased with comprehensive or collision coverage. It is written to cover any non owned vehicle that the policyholder occasionally borrows to drive.
When an individual purchases non owner SR22 insurance, their insurance provider completes an SR22 filing with the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles. The insurance provider monitors the policy closely so that the DMV can be assured the driver has the proper amount of liability insurance coverage, and maintains it at all times during a specific time period set by the DMV. It is very important that the non owner SR22 insurance be kept in force for the entire duration, without any lapse or cancellation. If a lapse in coverage occurs, an SR26 is immediately filed by the insurance company to the DMV, resulting in license suspension.
How Does Missouri Non Owner SR22 Insurance Work? Missouri non owner SR22 insurance serves as secondary insurance that covers the driver for at-fault accidents while behind the wheel of a borrowed vehicle. In an event of an accident, the vehicle owner’s primary insurance is first responsible for claim, and pays first. If the amount of the claim exceeds the vehicle owner’s policy limit, the SR22 insurance then pays any amount over the primary insurance limits.
Missouri Non Owner SR22 Insurance Facts

  • SR22 non owner insurance does not cover individuals who own a vehicle
  • SR22 non owner can only be written for one individual
  • SR22 non owner insurance is a high risk insurance policy
  • SR22 non owner insurance is a liability only policy
  • SR22 non owner insurance does not cover household vehicles
  • SR22 non owner insurance does not cover rental or commercial vehicles
  • SR22 non owner insurance does not include comprehensive or collision coverage

How Long Do I Need to Maintain Missouri Non Owner SR22 Insurance The State of Missouri requires SR22 non owner insurance to be carried for three years, in most instances.
What Offenses Causes the State of Missouri to Require SR22 Insurance? Offenses or circumstances such as those listed below can result in the requirement for SR22 insurance:

  • Uninsured accidents
  • Failure to consent to a DUI or DWI test
  • DUI or DWI offenses/convictions
  • Too many points against a driver’s DMV record
  • Child support
  • Legal judgments

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