Michigan Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Michigan Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Explained

A Michigan Non-Owner SR22 policy allows the insured to drive any automobile they don’t own, but have permission to operate. A Michigan Non-Owner SR22 is considerably cheaper than it’s counterpart; an Owner Policy. A Non-Owner policy is the best way to have your driving privileges reinstated, become compliant with Michigan State requirements, and legally operate vehicles that are not owned by the insured.

A Michigan SR22 Auto Insurance policy is usually required for a period of 3 years from the date of conviction. The insurance coverage required on an Michigan Non-Owner SR22 is 20/40/10. This means:

  • $20,000 is the maximum amount paid per person for Bodily Injury (BI)
  • $40,000 is the total amount paid by the insurance company for injuries sustained by all persons in the event of an accident. This is generally done on a “first come, first serve” basis. Therefore, any claims made against the insurance company in excess of the policy maximums will be held against the insured themselves.
  • $10,000 is the total amount paid out on Property Damage (PD)

The “SR” in a Michigan SR22 stands for “Safety Responsibility”. It is not an insurance policy within itself, but a document verifying that coverage is in place. The Michigan Non-Owner SR22 is prepared by an insurance company and then filed electronically with the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles. If a person doesn’t keep their Michigan Non-Owner SR22 for the required period of time, their license will be immediately suspended and their driving privileges will subsequently be revoked.

A Michigan SR22 requirement can be mandated for a variety of reasons. Some of those may include:

  • Refusal of breath or blood examination if stopped for a DUI
  • Excessive point violations on a driver’s Motor Vehicle Record
  • Accidents where an insurance policy wasn’t active
  • Domestic infractions such as failure to be current on Child Support payments

Points to mention about a Michigan Non-Owner SR22:

  • Only one driver can be listed on a Non-Owner insurance policy
  • No vehicles are covered on a Non-Owner policy
  • No Comprehensive or Collision coverage is offered on a Non-Owner policy
  • No Commercial or Rental vehicle coverage is offered on a Non-Owner policy