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Texas SR22 Coverage Outline

A Texas SR22 must have 30/60/25 coverage. This means if you cause an accident: $30,000 is the maximum payout for a single individual. $60,000 is the most paid for injury to all persons, and $25,000 is the maximum payout for Property Damage.

What is a Texas SR22?

The “SR” in SR22 refers to “Safety Responsibility”. While not a policy in itself, a Texas SR22 is proof that you have a policy and are compliant per the mandate imposed by the State.

Typically, an SR-22 is required when a driver seeks to reinstate a driver’s license after being convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, driving without insurance, or some other driving violation that’s resulted in a suspension. The SR-22 may be required whether you own a vehicle (owner SR-22) or not (non-owner SR-22). The SR-22 is usually required for a number of years – for example, five years following a DUI conviction. If the policy holder fails to pay the premiums, the Texas SR22 is cancelled and an SR-26 is filed with the DMV. When the DMV receives the SR-26, the policy holder’s license is suspended until a new SR-22 is filed. – Rich Stim, Attorney

How to Get Your Texas Driver’s License Reinstated Quickly

Determining Texas SR22 Premium Amounts

An insurance company takes many factors into consideration when determining your insurance rates (premiums).  Some factors may seem unfair. For example, drivers with higher education or who are married will generally receive better rates than a driver with a similar driving record. Below are the major factors affecting rates: (courtesy of Rich Stim, Attorney)

  • Driving record and accidents. Moving violations, DUIs, and accident claims trigger higher rates.
  • Credit score. Bad credit scores trigger higher rates.
  • Miles driven.  Drive less, pay less.
  • Occupation. Jobs involving driving or heavy commutes may trigger higher rates.
  • Location. Higher crime rates in your neighborhood or a density of population (cities) will cause rates to rise.
  • Age. Drivers under 25 pay more; drivers between 50 and 65 pay less.
  • Gender and marital status. Women have fewer accidents and pay less than men. A married person is considered more stable and will receive a lower rate than a driver with a similar record.
  • Type of car. The more powerful or expensive, the higher premium because high performance cars attract riskier drivers and expensive cars are more costly to repair.

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