How long am I required to carry SR-22 Insurance in Nevada?

The state of Nevada requires driver’s that are convicted of a DUI to maintain SR-22 insurance for 3 continuous years in order to have their license reinstated.  It doesn’t matter when you decide that you would like your license back, you still have to purchase SR22 insurance. You are not able to just ” wait it out” for 3 years and then you get your license back. The clock starts ticking when the SR22 is purchased and you cannot have a lapse or the process starts over.   There is no way to get out of paying for SR 22 insurance if you want your license reinstated.  It is not a good idea to go 3 years without your license and without auto insurance anyways. The longer you wait to purchase your SR-22 insurance the higher the rates will be when you do decide to buy it.

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