FR44 Insurance Filings People with out a car

Don’t Own a Car and need an FR44? Auto Insurance for drivers with no car and a DUI or DWI.

If you do not own a car but find yourself still needing an FR44 insurance filing, our team can help you find a non-owner insurance policy.

non-owner FR44 insurance policy is designed for people who do not own a car, have a car titled in their name, nor have a car available for regular use but still need an FR44 filing in Florida or Virginia to keep their license or to release a suspension. Our team has helped many drivers who do not own a car to obtain insurance with an FR44 filing.

A non-owner insurance policy may go by different names, depending on the location and the carrier.

Drivers who find themselves in a situation where they do not own a car but need an FR44 filings in another state due to receiving a DUI, DUI, or OUI in another state should let us know when requesting a quote so that we can help you obtain the correct paperwork.

Select Insurance Group is leading insurance agency that specializes in DUI and DWI Auto Insurance with SR22s and FR44s.  Let us help you find new insurance.