Florida Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Florida State does not take lightly to driver’s that have committed serious driving offenses. In fact, in many cases, a special type of filing will need to be performed with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles which is called aSR22 filing.
What is Florida Non Owner SR22 Insurance?
Florida non owner SR22 insurance is a type of insurance policy which is purchased by an individual that occasionally drives the vehicle of another individual. The driver does not actually own the vehicle, and it is a type of insurance that is for unplanned or occasional driving of a vehicle registered to someone else. This is not a type of insurance that will be issued to anyone that owns a vehicle. If the driver lives in a home which they occasionally “borrow” the vehicle of another that lives in the home, it may also be purchased for such occasions. However, if the individuals are husband and wife, the policy will not be issued.
Why Might I Need a Florida Non Owner SR22 Insurance Policy?
There are various reasons that Florida State may require a SR22 filing for a driver. The most common reasons that the state may require an SR22 filing are the following:

  • Accumulation of too many points
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving without proper insurance or no insurance
  • Driving after a suspension
  • Child support
  • Judgment

The SR22 is a financial responsibility certificate that is attached to the non owner’s policy and filed by the driver’s insurance provider with the Florida DMV. The DMV then tracks and monitors the driver’s insurance coverage to ensure that it does not lapse or that it is not canceled. Should either occur, the state will receive a SR26 form from the driver’s insurance company and they will then suspend the individual’s driver’s license.
Non owner SR22 is purchased by all drivers that is mandated by the state to complete an SR22 filing to either reinstate their license or to retain their license.
How Long Will I Have to Maintain Non Owners SR22 Insurance?
SR22 insurance is typically required for a duration of three to five years. If for some reason during this time you purchase a vehicle, then you will then switch your policy to a vehicle owner policy with a SR22 attachment. If you are not obtaining your insurance policy from your current provider, you will first need to secure your new policy in order to avoid having your license suspended.
How Do I Shop For Florida Non Owners SR22 Insurance Policies?
To shop for Florida SR22 insurance policies your best source is online. Purchasing an insurance policy online has become one of the best sources when purchasing insurance. Insurance providers are offering premium policies for discounted rates, as they have cut out the insurance agent, and the expensive overhead of a ground business.
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