Florida Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Policies

What if I need an SR22, but don’t own a vehicle in the State of Florida?

Simply put, you’ll need a Non-Owner Florida SR22 Auto Insurance Policy.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) wants to know you have the abilty to cover any future automobile accidents in the State of Florida with an active insurance policy. This is accomplished via a form called an SR22. Basically the insurance company reports the existence of your insurance policy to the DMV on a monthly basis. While confusing to some, it’s really that simple. Even if you don’t own a vehicle in the State of Florida, you’re now covered by State Minimum Requirements while driving any automobile. A Non-Owner’s SR22 can be paid in full for 6 months or, in most cases, you have the option to make monthly payments.

If you do own a vehicle, and you need that vehicle to be listed on your SR22 policy, you’ll want an Owner’s SR22 policy instead. This is the same concept as a Non Owner’s SR22, but your vehicle will be clearly listed on the policy itself. Obviously an SR22 Owner’s Policy will be more expensive than an SR22 Non-Owner’s policy.

Florida Non Owner SR22 Insurance Policy

To obtain a Non-Owner SR22 policy in the State of Florida, simply contact a reputable insurance agency. Not all Automobile Insurance Companies offer SR22’s and the pricing differs dramatically. An Insurance Broker can search the market and identify the best coverage for the price.

From a liability standpoint, your Non-Owner Florida SR22 will be applied in a secondary fashion to the Primary Insurance on the vehicle. Therefore, if you’re driving someone else’s car, and you have an accident, it will be their insurance that bears the bulk of the responsibility. Only after their limits have been exhausted will your SR22 policy be applied.

If you carry a Florida Non-Owner SR22 Insurance policy, and you do purchase an automobile, you’ll need to contact your insurance company so your policy can be converted to an Owner’s Policy. If you don’t do this, and you have an accident, your coverage on the Non-Owner SR22 Policy may be denied.