Florida Non-Cancelable SR22/FR44

In the state of Florida, when a vehicle owner is convicted of driving without insurance (known as “PIP Convictions” in the state of Florida), their driver’s license will be suspended. In order for driving privileges to be reinstated, the driver will be required to file a Non-Cancelable SR22 for a period of two years beginning from the date of suspension. The Non-Cancelable SR22 must be paid in full for a period of six months – no monthly payment options are available. An SR22 PIP serves as a monitoring device that must be maintained without lapse of coverage for two years, or a period of time required by the state. If a lapse in coverage occurs, the driver’s license will be suspended again. In addition, there will be a reinstatement fee to pay, which could be $150/$250/$500.

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A driver convicted of driving without insurance coverage will have their driving privileges suspended within five days of the Department’s receipt of the conviction. The driver can clear the suspension by obtaining insurance and filing a Non-Cancelable PIP SR-22 with minimum coverage of 10/20/10. For DUI convictions, the driver will be required to obtain and file an FR-44 with minimum coverage of 100/300/50. The SR22 PIP certificate is also known as an “AAMVA Uniform Financial Responsibility Form”. The FR-44 is also known as a “Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR-44″.

The SR-22 PIP or FR44 Six Month Non-Cancelable certificate must be filed and submitted by an insurance company in the form of an electronic filing, with the case number included on the certificate. The case number for a Non-Cancelable SR22 is 9 digits, starting with a 2. The case number for an FR44 is also nine digits, starting with a 4. In both cases the first six-month premium must be paid in full. Some insurance companies offer a monthly payment option after the first six months.