Florida Non-Cancelable SR22 / FR44


Florida Non-Cancelable SR22 / FR44 Insurance

An SR-22 is a form that certifies the insurance coverage includes bodily injury liability (BIL) and property damage liability (PDL). An SR-22 is required for three years as the result of a Point Suspension, Habitual Traffic Revocation, Judgement involving a crash, or if you were the owner or operator of a vehicle that was involved in a crash and someone incurred injuries and you were not insured with BIL coverage at the time.

A six-months non-cancellable SR-22 is required if an owner/registrant of a vehicle receives a ticket for operating a vehicle without proof of insurance and is found guilty. The law requires that proof of financial responsibility provide for the following coverage:
$10,000 (PIP) for personal injury protection per occurrence.
$10,000 (PDL) for damage of property of others per occurrence, or $30,000 (CSL) combined single limits per occurrence.
The “Six-month non cancellable SR22” is required for two years .

An FR-44 is required in cases where a person has been convicted for driving under the influence, and did not have the higher limits of BIL/PDL ($100K/$300K/$50K) insurance in effect on the arrest date.  The FR-44 shows proof the person has now purchased  increased BIL /PDL insurance coverage of $100K/300K/50K.  FR-44 filings are required for three years from the original suspension date.