California SR22 Insurance FAQ’s

California SR22 Insurance Explained

When do you need a California SR22?

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, driving without insurance, reckless driving, or a number of other infractions, you’ll need a California SR22. The SR22 stands for Financial Responsibility and it’s actually a document that provides proof that you’re carrying the 15/30/5 liability limits (explained later). You must keep your SR22 in place throughout the duration of your conviction period or your driver’s license will be suspended again.

What Coverage is Needed on a California SR22?

You must maintain the following liability coverage:

  1. $15,000 for bodily injury or death on a single individual
  2. $30,000 for bodily injury or death on two or more persons in one accident.
  3. $5,000 for property damage or destruction.

What Types of California SR22’s are Available?

Non-Owner California SR22

If you don’t own a vehicle, but still want your driver’s license reinstated so you can operate vehicles you don’t own, you’ll want a Non-Owner California SR22. This option is by far the cheapest option since there’s no liability to the insurance company to cover an automobile.

Owner California SR22

If you do own a vehicle,  you need to include your vehicle coverage with your SR22 Responsibility Filing. While this is far more expensive than a Non-Owner SR22, it will be required in order to have your driver’s license reinstated.
California SR22 Insurance

How Do You File a California SR22 Form?

  1. You must purchase a California SR22 Policy. The liability requirements must minimally be 15/30/5.
  2. You must pay all fees owed to the California DMV.
  3. Your SR22 Certificate must be filed with the California DMV. Electronic filing is the fastest option available.
  4. Maintain your insurance policy for a period of 36 months. If you do not keep your policy current, your driver’s license will be suspended again.

How to Contact the California DMV

  1. Online at
  2. Postal Mail: DMV, PO Box 997405, Sacramento, CA 95899-7405
  3. By Phone: 1-800-777-0133
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