Arkansas Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Arkansas Non Owner SR22

SR22 insurance is a special liability insurance that many states require of certain “high-risk” drivers. Arkansas only requires SR22 insurance of someone who has been convicted of vehicular homicide. (Note: Arkansas used to require SR22 insurance after other offenses, such as a DWI, but they no longer do.). The required amount of Liability Coverage on an Arkansas Non Owner SR22 is 25/50/25, which means:

  • $25,000 covered for an injury to a single person in a single incident
  • $50,000 covered for multiple injuries in a single incident
  • $25,000 covered for any property damage

If you have an SR22 requirement in Arkansas, but you do not own a vehicle, you may have to purchase what is known as a “non-owner SR22 insurance policy.” With this type of coverage, if you get into an accident, your non-owner SR22 insurance covers the other driver(s) involved and their vehicles. It does not cover you or the vehicle you are driving.

What’s the FASTEST Way to Get Your Arkansas¬†License Reinstated?

Some states require an SR22 filing after other offenses, such as: operating without mandatory insurance, unsatisfied judgment, or DUI / DWI / OUI / OWI. If you commit one of these offenses in another state, even though you live in Arizona, you will likely be required to file an SR22 form in the state where the offense was committed (if that state requires SR22 filings). If this is the case, and you do not own a vehicle, ask the DMV in that state if you can file a non-owner SR22 form.

Does an Arkansas Non Owner SR22 Policy Cover Me in a Car I don’t Own?

The actual Non Owner policy will not cover the vehicle you’re driving. That is the responsibility of the owner’s insurance policy. However, if the SR22 is needed to get your driver’s license reinstated, which is very common, it will keep you from getting a citation for driving on a suspended license.

Arkansas Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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If you have questions about non-owner SR22 insurance in Arkansas that weren’t covered in this post, you can contact the Arkansas Office of Driver Services at 501-682-7060 or